September 30, 2022

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I Need To Regain My Motivation For Running. Any Advice?

How to regain your motivation for running

Consider your goals. What is it you really want to achieve by Christmas, for example? Would you like to aim for a specific distance, such as a 5km run or take part in a fun run? Perhaps you could combine running with an exercise class, such as Pilates, yoga or Nordic walking.

If you’ve set a big goal, such as a half marathon or marathon, plan lots of smaller goals within your training plan to keep you motivated – for example, a specific time for a 5k that you’re aiming for.

Running routes to inspire

Planning a new running route will help to keep you motivated. For ideas, look at Local running clubs are also a great place to start if you want to discover new routes in and around your area, or just to ask for advice – most groups are friendly and happy to help, even if you don’t want to join.

Another easy goal is finding a 5km Park Run near to where you live and giving it a go ( You could also start recording your routes with a FitBit, Strava or Map My Run app to help increase your motivation.

How to stick to a training plan

Get your running clothes out the night before an early morning session, so you can roll out of bed and get dressed without too much effort. And get up as soon as your alarm goes off – hitting snooze will only make things harder!

Setting training dates with friends also makes it harder to back out of a run. At the very least, pop your scheduled run into your diary to make it an official event in your week.